Constant Contact CB Integration

Constant Contact CB Integration
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A one-of-a-kind solution for anyone that has a Joomla! website with Community Builder and has the need to allow their users a way to keep their Constant Contact subscriptions up-to-date.

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Latest Version is Joomla! 3.x Native!

If you use Constant Contact and have a Joomla! website with Community Builder, this solution allows your registered users the ability to subscribe to your lists as well as manage subscriptions directly from their profile.

CC-CB Profile
CC-CB Registration
  • Joomla! 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 & 2.5 Native
  • Registered Users are added to Constant Contact
  • Users can manage their interests within their profile
  • You can specify one or more lists to auto subscribe users to
  • You can specify which lists you want to hide from your users
  • Super Admins can now see the Lists ID's in the profile
  • Super Admins can see all lists, even the hidden ones
  • Community Builder fields can be mapped to the Constant Contact Fields.

Also, we have included a language file for English that can be edited using an FTP client and a text editor. The Language file is located in the site language folder titled 'en-GB.plg_constantcontact.ini'

Please take a look at our tutorials and watch our videos for more information.

This is a commercial Joomla Extension. To download please purchase a subscription that will allow unresticted, unlimited downloads for the duration of your subscription.

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version 3.5.2
-- Update: Incorrect Version & date in xml file

version 3.5.1
-- Update: Joomla 3.x & Community Builder 1.9.x Compatible

version 3.4.3
-- Bug Fix: Resolved an error that one user was reporting "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by..."

-- Update: Changed version compatibility due to issue with field mapping. This plugin is no longer compatible with Community Builder older than version 1.7

version 3.4.2
-- Bug Fix: Finally had to deal with fixing the 'Use new div or old table based views' setting

version 3.4.1
-- Bug Fix: Missing closing </div> caused issues with design.
-- Bug Fix: Lists were remaining to be checked in profile even after user had opted out.

version 3.4.0
-- Update: Complete re-write of internal class, and moving to external file for ability to be used with other JoomLadds Extensions
-- Update: Changed how the lists are displayed in the user profile (subscribed lists, not subscribed lists). Removed use of images for subscribed lists
-- Update: Added new option to allow site admin to choose if users are unsubscribed when they are deleted or blocked from their site
-- Update: Added additional options in plugin parameters
-- Bug Fix: Using 'Hide Subscribe' would cause issues where user was not being unsubscribed correctly

-- Update: Joomla 2.5 & Community Builder 1.8 Compatible.
-- Bug Fix: Resolved issue related to storing user list choices during registration, after confirming email, list choices were set to default, rather than kept at what the user selected at registeration.

--Update: Added parameter setting to allow removal of Constant Contact Referral Link.

--Bug Fix: Resolved conflict with multiple cc_classes, if a site had both our 'CC CB Integration plugin' and 'CC Signup Majix Pro module' installed, will now only use the cc_class from the module and ignore the class in this plugin.

--Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that appeared if the 'subscribe' checkbox was selected, without a list selection.

version 3.3.2
--Update: Added new parameter to allow usage of Constant Contact's setting 'Join My Mailing List Form'. If set to "yes" the plugin will show/hide lists based on your Constant Contact account settings.

version 3.3.1
--Update: Cleaned up code. Also added the ability to have a second email in the users profile. Both email fields will now be sent and updated in Constant Contact.

--Update: Joomla 1.7 Compatible.

version 3.2.3
--Bug Fix: Fixed a couple minor bugs, tweaking code for J!1.6 compatibility.

version 3.2.2
--Bug Fix: Fixed an XML error, also fixed a few misc bugs that were only reported if you had the system errors set to report at maximum error level.

version 3.2.1
--Update: Joomla! 1.6 Native.

version 3.2.0
--Update: Added field mapping from Community Builder fields to Constant Contact fields. Re-wrote 50% of code to include latest API from Constant Contact.

version 3.1.8
--Bug Fix: Error received if list count was greater than 64.

version 3.1.7a
--Bug Fix: Since v3.1.6a, there was an issue with not being able to unsubscribe from list 1.

version 3.1.7
--Update: Added another new parameter under the Tab Manager to allow you to sort your lists based on the sort order from your Constant Contact account.

version 3.1.6
--Update: Added 2 additional parameters under the Tab Manager that allow you to hide the "Subscribe" checkbox from your users as well as the "Email Type" radio button.

version 3.1.5
--Bug Fix: In some PHP5 installations, there was an issue with fclose() which affected the edit of a contact resulting in a 500 error. This has been fixed.

version 3.1.4
--Update: Now Super Administrators can see List ID's and hidden lists, when logged into the front-end while viewing the user profile.

version 3.1.3
--Update: Removed the need for API Key. From now on, this plugin uses the JoomLadds API key.

version 3.1.2
--Bug Fix: Reported errors were fixed.

version 3.1.1
--Bug Fix: Reported errors were fixed.

version 3.1.0
--Update: Added Lists Management by users.

version 3.0.x
--Major Revision: This version was upgraded from a custom plugin created for one of our clients. The custom plugin has been in use since 2008. There is no recorded version history prior to v3.0.

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